COVID-19 Resources

Find community and online resources during COVID-19! Info on safe sex during COVID-19, activities for teens, ways to talk to teens about sex, community resources (mental & health, family assistance, etc), and so much more!!

Health Resource Center - Now VIRTUAL!

M-F, 11am-1pm
Join Via Zoom!
Meeting ID: 931-788-7342

The Health Resource Center provides a private, confidential, easily-accessible place where youth can receive high-quality sexual and reproductive health counseling, education, and/or services from a trained professional. Due to coronvirus closures,  the Health Resource Center will now be virtual and open to all Berks County Teens!

Meet our growing Youth Ambassador team!

They serve as the youth’s face of BTM by providing modern ideas, strategies and outreach initiatives to help us reach our goal and spread awareness about our mission.

We're On a Mission

Reducing teen pregnancy in Berks County will improve the futures of our children. Learn more about our organization, our values, and our goals.

Have Questions?

We’ve got answers! Sex and relationships are complicated and it’s ok if you’re confused about what’s right, what’s myth, what to do and what not to do. Check out our Q & A page and if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, text your question!

*text line is provided by Maternal and Family Health Services, Inc.

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